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Students of the Month

October Students of the Month

Savanna Carter has been chosen as October’s seventh grade Student of the Month. Savanna has worked consistently to refine her level of craftsmanship in the Art Room. Savanna’s persevering to find an end product to be proud of allows for exploration of options beyond completing assignments. Her object making has become conceptually relevant and expressive. I look forward to Savanna's success in the forthcoming years.
Selected by. Justin Walker

The 8th grade student of the month for PE is Jordan Black,  Jordan is a pleasure to have in class.  There is not a day that goes by where she does not come to class with a smile. She is always eager to participate in whatever the day will bring.  She is very athletic and hard working and a huge asset to all the sports that she participates in.  I look forward to watching her continue to excel on the gym floor and in the classroom.
Selected by Mr. Travis Stangland

Coltin Gingerich has been chosen as the Freshman student of the month for October.  Coltin is a student who is very dependable and always willing to help.  He is fun to have in class with his low quiet voice and sense of humor that he shares. He enjoys hunting and fishing and talking to his friends.  He would like to go to a trade school after high school for welding or construction. I am looking forward to watching him continue his education and reach his future goals.
Selected by Mrs. Kay Brown

Kaibre Stephan has been selected as the 10th grade student of the month. Kaibre always has something creative and usually hilarious to add to class time. She knows how to get to work and work hard but I admire her sense of humor and the shine that she adds to the classroom. Her willingness to participate is always refreshing and appreciated. Kaibre, I hope you never lose your spunk and keep up the hard work in all you do!

Ross Greenwell has been chosen as the junior student of the month for October. Ross has made one of the biggest turnarounds I have seen in my teaching career. He comes to class prepared, ready to work, and focused on the tasks at hand. I have been impressed by his strong work ethic and his firm purpose. Ross’s diligence paid off the first nine weeks, and I am looking forward to watching him continue his academic progress. He has musical talent as well that he exhibits in the Randolph Southern High School concert band. Keep up the good work, Ross!
Selected by Mrs. Sarah Reed

Quaid Ison has been selected as the 12th grade student of the month. Quaid has been a great leader in the band for several years, bringing a great sense of humor and a positive attitude. In addition to being a great trumpet player, he also excels at archery and bowling. I’ve been very proud to know Quaid and watch him grow as a musician and human being for the last several years. Keep being awesome, Quaid!
Selected by Mr. Jordan Pike

September Students of the Month 

Madison Godsey has been selected as the seventh grade student of the month. She has been a great student in my classes.  She's always coming to class with a positive attitude and is willing to help others.  She can be quiet at times in English, but in PE, she  gets involved with the activities we are doing.  Her attitude and personality make her a good role model for younger students to look up to.  She enjoys playing softball, cooking, and singing in her spare time.
Selected by Mr. Kyle Good

Landon Godsey has been selected as the 8th grade student of the month for September. Landon always comes prepared to class and has a wonderfully positive attitude towards his schoolwork. He will speak up in class if he has a question and frequently checks in with me to be sure he is completing his work completely and accurately which is much appreciated. We share the occasional good conversation about games and science making class more enjoyable for the both of us. Keep up the good work, Landon!
Selected by Mr. Nick Miller

I would like to nominate Brogain Tucker for RS freshman student of the month. Brogain has gone above and beyond during my class. He is always looking for tasks that need accomplished, and he is always trying to keep himself busy. Brogain does a great job reclaiming the screens, and he always has them ready for emulsion to go on. Brogain volunteered to come and help with his peers during our Cross Country meet. Brogain has been a joy to have in class this year, and I know he will continue to work hard everyday. 
Selected by Mr. Jerimy Stephan

Kira Kemplen has been selected as the 10th grade student of the month for September.  Kira has been an excellent student in Algebra II this year.  I can always count on Kira to be prepared, ready to learn, and knock any task that I give her out of the park.  She has excelled in every skill and topic that we have covered this year.  Kira does all of this while taking an advanced load of classes, including ACP Chemistry, Spanish III, Honors English 10, and excelling in each of those courses as well.  Well done Kira!
Selected by Mr. Chad Wilson

Olivia Keesling has been selected as the junior student of the month. Olivia is very active in many local and school activities. She is currently one of the leaders of the cross country team and has achieved her best times this year. She is also a member of FCA, National Honor Society, Student Council and Randolph Southern academic teams. Olivia is currently at the top academically in the Class of 2022. She is also very involved in her church and other community activities. Keep up the hard work  and continue to excel in all that you endure to do.
Selected by Ms. Tamra Clements

Lane Shore has been chosen as 12th grade student of the month for September. Lane has incredible balance in his life, and maturity beyond his years. He manages to balance vocational school, ½ day school here at RS, keep his grades up, work many hours, and much, much more. I am incredibly proud of Lane! Hopefully I will run into him after he graduates and see how his life turned out. I am confident that Lane will do great things after he leaves Randolph Southern. The best of luck to you, but enjoy your senior year while you are here!
Selected by Mrs. Penny Ashbaugh

August Students of the Month 

Ted Jordan and Jackson Wolfal have been selected as the seventh grade students of the month. They are both completing the school year virtually and doing a great job keeping up on all their work. They are both hard working individuals who have easy going personalities. Both Ted and Jackson can be counted on to participate in class and ask questions when something is confusing. I have enjoyed working with both boys these last few weeks and I am excited to see what each will accomplish in the future. 
Selected by Mrs. Chelsea Pruitt

C.J. Albertson has been selected as the Randolph Southern eighth grade student of the month. C.J. is hard working and is great at following directions. He is also friendly and considerate. In his free time, C.J. likes to collect and play old and new video games. After high school C.J. would like to go to college for game design. I am excited to see what the future holds for C.J. and wish him the best!
Selected by Ms. Lauren Day

Mason Wolfal has been chosen as Randolph Southern’s freshman student of the month for August. Mason has done a fantastic job transitioning from middle school to high school. He is doing great work so far, and I look forward to watching him excel. I especially appreciate his willingness to participate in class. He is friendly, hard working, curious, and eager to learn. Mason’s strong work ethic and his determination to succeed will help him as he makes his way through high school and beyond. Have a fabulous year, Mason!
Selected by Mrs. Sarah Reed

Colleen Ledbetter has been chosen as the junior student of the month. You can always count on Colleen to participate in classroom discussion, especially when someone brings up the environment. Her passion and dedication to protecting the Earth is admirable. This year, Colleen is attending the Richmond Career Center for the automotive technician program for a portion of the day. Colleen is active in the RS FFA chapter, where she competes in several different contesting events and is also involved in many of the service projects completed each year.  She is also a member of the volleyball, basketball, and archery teams. After high school Colleen plans to pursue a career in agriculture. Keep up the great work, Colleen!
Selected by Mrs. Shianna Fry

Matt Fox has been chosen as R.S. senior student of the month for August. Matt is completing his senior year virtually. Even as a virtual student you can still count on Matt to participate and be humorous in class. Matt has made the transition from in-class to virtual look easy. He has done a fantastic job of making sure he is present for class via Google Meet and completing his work on time. Matt has also been beyond helpful in giving me feedback on what works and does not work for a virtual student. He is most excited about graduating and being done with high school. His future plans are to get a degree in mechanical engineering. With his humor, work ethic, and enthusiastic attitude he will go far. Have a great senior year Matt, can’t wait to see what you accomplish with your future. 
Selected by Mrs. Brittany Cash